Beauty redefines its meaning.

STUDIO COZY is a pet apparel brand that pursues natural beauty. It avoids artificial silhouettes that are over-emphasized and unnatural fit on pets. It aims for individual natural beauty regardless of breed and looks.

More than its coziness.

Enough and ample outfit, naturally Smooth line, design without unnecessary details. As such, STUDIO COZY seeks comfort but does not deceive beauty by pretending comfort. Especially, we seek comfort and uniqueness at the same time by adding the sensitivity of STUDIO COZY to the knitwear. Using high-quality materials and achieve elegant beauty by considering wear sensation. Daily life, we are introducing our pet apparel that makes your friends comfortable anywhere they are.

Beauty, it can be seen silently.

Foxtail, a grass commonly seen around. It shows a lovely and unique beauty like a dog's tail. STUDIO COZY’s logo combines foxtail grass and yarn to promote friendly, special and nature-friendly pet apparel.